about us

We support play with diy construction-toys & playgroundsopen for your ideas, knowledge, skills & needs. 

In 2015 we introduced the TetraPack MilkBlock contruction-toy in Denmark, with great succes.

With used Pet-Bottles & Tennisballs we made BottleBuildings around the earth and got the balls rolling again. 

We invented the Builderballs for even bigger and more versatile construction play & we made the tools for making it.

Most resently we invented the TinkerQube - a portable micro-playground & workspace of sustainable hardwood.

The Qube supports curious play in more dimensions. 


All our play-supporting products build on a common set of values.

They bring new life into existing matters

& they support play no matter how deep, wide or high it gets.

and they give a learningspace for kids who learn better holistically & in action.


UPFIND.dk is founded by Karsten Juncher, inventor from Denmark.

But not alone. 

Our collaborative friends are here. Our partners are here.

Our sweet costumers - who alså tends to be our collaborative partners - are here.

And you are here - hopefully to join us play more & waste less.