about upfind

UPFIND is founded by Karsten Juncher, who for decades has been converting lost matter to lasting memories.

In 2007 he started an obsessed collection of flashy snapshots in public trash-bins around Europe.

Against all odds, These Moments in Trash revealed a natural beauty, from the bottom of the deep.

Awoken by the flashlight, some materials popped up in the tiniest bricks of life, able to adapt to one another in a surprisingly funny way. The tiny toys spread like gold from hand to hand.  And soon, playful builders materialized their most fabulous fantasies. The potential for creating a new form of life of the findings, speeded up the evolution of pods and joins and creators themselves got totally lost in construction. New Toys grew out of nothing and new playspaces became their home. The transformation of lost matter seems to have just begun...

about tinkerQube

The tinkerQube is a versatile micro-playground of hardwood from Denmark.

It is a space furniture for tinkering, made to last a lifetime if you care for it.  

"Children's crucial drive in relation to learning is that they want to conquer / acquire the world they are part of." Quote: Knud Illeris

Since 2014 UPFIND has established popup construction playgrounds - from Denmark to Japan - and seen children and adults of all kinds, build a variety of worlds and creatures of their own minds in co-creation and play. So lively and full of energy.

The  TetraMilkPackToy, made for building Cube-Matrixes in all directions  surprised us by the variety of micro-universes was build inside the cube-holes, which inspired us even more to make a more consistent frame system for play. 

We concentrated the experiences from the larger playgrounds in the tinkerQube space furniture - a versatile microplayground of hardwood from Denmark.

We tested the Qube in the field of narrative art and scene making like puppet theater, automated marionets, computational thinking & tinkering, STEAM-adventures, craftsplay and more.


We made it compatible with household things like wooden grillsticks, rubberbands, wallplugs eg.  all around you. Things you can change from singleuse to multiuse in this playground. 


The Qube is made in the tradition of the frameless cabinet know as the system 32, but We turned it upside-down and made an open framesystem with no cabinet, ready for a world of furniture fittings as well. 

With the system of holes it is perfect for inventing accessories in your Makerlabs and it is highly compatible with wellknown educational toys and maker stuff you might have in the house, at school or at work. 

We made it easy to build, reshape, extend, share, show, stack and save your spaceplay for tomorrows playtime.

The tinkerQube is made to meet the needs we saw on the bigger playgrounds,  for a free space for both intuitive and iterative exploration, play and skill training in all possible areas like Tinkering with STEM, Art, Craft...

It can be anything. Invent what you need along the way. Just click, plug and play!

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