what you get

A multidimensional playhub

More m3 for play - from flat to room

Many types of space: Cubes, rectangles, hexagons ...

Variable room sizes with 2 or more frame sets

Ability to save, stack, share and display the plays

A fast center in the play and a framework for the play


A systematic playhub

A versatile playhub with many entrances for play

An open system for developing storylines and learning materials 

A progression tool - from simple to complex solutions

Motivates to create, experiment  and play

Professionalism and creativity merge in the system


A social playhub

New communities about hands-on pursuits and experiments

Analog / digital play with focus in the frame - not on the screen

Inclusive community on tangible projects

A "controllable" play tool for educator / teacher / parent

Useable from kindergarten to nursing home


 classic wood · creative furniture

  TinkerQube playhub · made in denmark