1 Ball-template-tool

1 bottlecutter-ring


The cap-balls have 14 systematically placed caps in order to build both 60° and 90° structures. The Cap-Ball-Template is a shell that fits perfectly around your tennisball with 14 premade holes, ready to mark into with a tusch. Easy for school-kids to be toolmakers. 


The bottlecutter-ring helps to position either the tuschmarks for scissorcuts or use it as a cutland for hobbyknives (not for children) 


Both tools are helpful for co-production in groups at school, clubs eg. or at home with your family. 

All tools are made of upcycled and safe materials,  but must be guided by grownups - especially in the cutting proces.  Best to use scissors with children. 

Bottlefun Single Kit


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