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Solar Milk Packs with ITU & Energy The Future.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Visiting PitLab at ITU in Copenhagen to find out what Sebastian & Stine have come up with of fun energy toys.We must try to melt solar cells, wind turbines and other energy-creating fun for the milk cartons. Stine already has good experience of making learning courses about energy technology with children and Energy the Future has a really exciting LAGI exhibition / competition that merges architecture and green energy creation.I hope we can make a synthesis of their knowledge of energy toys and school courses and construction kits of school milk to get started in a large construction at child height. It is in the synergy that the good experiences arise. We are going to Science in Forum and build with a lot of children over three wild days. I look forward to it - and hope it succeeds in collecting enough milk cartons!

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