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UPFIND says Hallo to the world.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

I am at the Danish Learning Festival in the Bella Center to kick-start UPFIND with a semi-finished construction set of school milk cartons. It's fun to get the entire learning industry's - from kindergartens to the ministry - respond to the building idea. They like it! They want to build with! They want more!

Got a 4 m2 stand squeezed inside the very digital and technological department for learning aids. Built high so you can see the structure of ice crystals and it seems like a perfect eye-catcher in a setting of glass and steel. Cute neighbors on the one hand and Dorthe from children ... on the other. Danish Entrepreneur Award invites us to make a construction experience and Danish Science Factory also like to play with milk and Science. Building joints made of wood and plastic lids slide through many hands. People laughs, asks questions, develop new ideas. And Anders Høegh from P1 Harddisken takes snapshots for DR's website. Anders of all tech-people...

No one asks if they can buy kits. But everyone says "Yes - I have to go home to do it myself ". So, now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sell many kits - but probably lots of building fun!

We have about 20 million school milk cartons available per year at Danish schools. A free and huge resource if we pick it up and find out new ways to use it. All in all, a couple of good days and a great place to invite children and adults to play on the "World's largest playground" of used materials - right at our feet. Thanks to Lisbeth from DK-Læringsfestival for 4 last minute m2 - They were worth all the money & we´ll be back!


Sådan gør du:

  1. Start a collection at the school

  2. Make a cleaning system. The milckpack will quickly smell bad!

  3. Establish a DIY-brick-factory at school.

  4. Include construction in your lessons and after.

  5. Build & Play with Milck blocks ( Minecraft like blocks IRL) in big scale!

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